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Naughty Hijinks at the County Fair

A couple months ago I scored a victory on behalf of all pussy-whipped boyfriends everywhere.

I was at our county's harvest fair when I overheard a young couple in a loud argument. They were both pretty hot, maybe in their early 20s. The girl was belittling him and shrieking like a harpy at the top of her lungs. Then she whirled and stomped off into the crowd.

The poor guy looked hurt and confused, like a lost puppy.

"Hey," I said to him. I touched his arm, his plaid shirtsleeve was rolled up, his skin which was nut-brown from the sun. He looked like a corn-fed Nebraska boy. "Everything ok?"

"Uh, not really." He brushed back his sun-kissed curls from his forehead and looked a little embarrassed. "My girlfriend's a little pissed at me right now."

"Yeah, I could tell." When he remained silent, I offered, "Name's Amy."

"Craig." He was still peering in the direction his girlfriend had gone. I got his attention quickly though when I bent over pretending to adjust one of my strappy high heels, and gave him a nice glimpse of my tits in the process. I never wear a bra, and my tits are still high and firm as a 16 year-old's.

"Have you seen the 4-H exhibits yet?" I asked.

"No," Craig said, glancing again in the direction his girlfriend had gone, even though my tits had obviously distracted him because his stare settled right back on them.

I smiled encouragingly, knowing he could see my nipples through the thin material of the pale pink halter top. I wanted him to know it was ok to gawk at me, and more.

"Me either," I said, purposefully keeping my voice low and sultry. "It's getting dark though. Walk me over to the stables? I'd love to see the baby animals."

"Uh, ok I guess." He hesitated again, then realizing his girl was gone and I was there, a hot friendly babe in her place, he nodded. I slipped my arm through his, surreptitiously feeling his muscle as we walked along. I was wearing totally impractical white spiked heels and a denim mini-skirt that showed off my long legs. No panties, of course. The fresh breeze tickled my freshly shaven pussy as we walked.

Too bad his girl was such a bitch, because she was hot and I was itching to eat a juicy pussy. But I'd settle for a nice fat cock, and I had a feeling his wouldn't disappoint.

It was late in the day and the place was emptying out nicely. We entered one of the fair tents, where long rows of stalls conveniently displayed an assortment of goats, sheep, calves and other livestock. I paused beside a stall that held a Holstein bull, hooked a high heel over the lowest rung of the stall and smiled mischievously at my companion.

"My my," I said. "He's well-hung, isn't he?"

My sturdy country boy actually blushed. "Yeah, guess so."

"Bet he's not the only one in this place." As I spoke, I licked my lips, and looked right at Craig.

His baby blue eyes widened. "Damn," he whispered, as if he'd suddenly stumbled across the winning lottery ticket. I saw his cock beneath the denim of his jeans jump and twitch as it became instantly hard. I was impressed by what looked to be at a country sausage of solid meat.

I winked at him. "Why don't you show me?"

"Where?" he asked, almost desperately. So much for the girlfriend. I wanted to laugh, because there's nothing I love more than a horny guy who can't wait to bang me behind his lady's back.

"Some of those stalls are empty." I gestured to the back of the tent. We were the only ones in the place at the moment.

Seizing the moment, I held out my hand to Craig and when he took it I quickly led him down the straw-littered aisle to the darker recesses of the tent.

I could actually feel his hand trembling and it made me even more excited. I knew he was unhappy, horny, and eager to bang the first slut who offered it up. It was his lucky day.

I pulled him into a clean stall which hadn't been used, but there was plenty of clean straw laid down for bedding. Glancing around as if concerned we'd be caught, although I was secretly hoping we would be, I unzipped Craig's jeans and fished out his cock. Bingo.

Nearly nine inches of flesh thunked solidly in the palm of my hand, a sweet reward for me being such a naughty girl. Craig's cock was thick and a little sweaty, making my palm slippery as I stroked the shaft clear up to the nice fat mushroom head. With my other hand, I reached down and massaged his plump balls out of his jeans, drawing a wide-eyed gasp from the grateful lad.

In my sweetest mock submissive mode, I knelt in the straw and licked up a droplet of clear fluid dangling from his cockhead. He groaned and closed his eyes, perhaps trying to imagine it was his girl doing the dirty deed. My hands continued to stroke his shaft and play with his balls while my wicked tongue grew more adventurous.

I teased the helmet tip of his cock with my pointed tongue, wiggled it in the slit and slurped up the beads of precum like a good little whore. Craig's breathing came faster, harsher. I could tell he was getting worked up enough to forget where he was and just surrender to the incredible moment.

Licking up and down the thick shaft a few times, I finally captured his cock in a deep French kiss that left his pubic hairs scratching my chin. I've practiced deep-throating for ages now and the gag reflex is long gone.

I thought he was going to bust a nut right then and there. "I don't believe this," he gasped, suddenly grabbing me by the hair and fucking my mouth like a pussy. "So – fucking – unbelievable!"

Secretly smiling to myself, I gobbled and slobbered all over his fat dick, imagining his girlfriend's fury if she walked around the stall and caught us. I half-hoped she would. It would be an incredible turn-on to be caught deep-throating HER dick. If she wasn't such a fucking bitch I'd even invite her to join us, teach her how to suck cock properly so her man wouldn't be so quick to jump the first slut who crossed his path.

Sucking Craig's cock was absolutely delicious – I can still remember the stretch, and how a day later my jaw was still a little sore. He was kinda clumsy and a little rough because he was so pumped up to fuck a hot, wet, willing mouth like mine. Not many girls like to give blowjobs, but my enthusiasm is genuine and it shows.

He was already too far gone when I suddenly heard a soft gasp nearby and without losing the rhythm of my mouth on his cock, I glanced over to see his shocked girlfriend staring at us through the slats of the stall. Craig was grunting and groaning and hadn't heard or seen her yet. My pussy went instantly, sopping wet at the thrill of being caught in the act.

I expected the bitch to be furious, but instead of screaming or stomping off she just stared frozen in place as I milked her man like a good Jersey cow. Aware of her piercing gaze, I deliberately drew out his cock several times and lathed it up and down with the flat of my tongue, making the act look as slutty as possible. I hoped the bitch was taking notes.

"Man, oh man," Craig said under his breath, "can I cum now?"

I paused and licked the tip of his hugely swollen cock. "Of course," I said clearly. "On one condition."


"You cum in my mouth, and then your girlfriend kneels down here beside me like a good little bitch, and gives me a nice big French kiss."

Craig’s eyes were blank with confusion, then he suddenly realized we'd been caught. He saw his girlfriend and groaned in resignation and probably fear. Before he could stuff his cock back in his pants in a sorry attempt to save his cheating arse, I grabbed his swollen cock and held it firmly in place.

"If you can make this hard-on go down in ten seconds," I said, "I'll let you go. If not, you have to cum in my mouth with her watching."

Amazingly his girlfriend had said and done nothing yet. Not even when I'd demanded the cum-laced kiss.

"Kathy," he pleaded for understanding, looking at her like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I just couldn't resist."

I smiled and continued to pump his shaft, which hadn't softened in the slightest. If anything he had gotten harder.

"I understand," Kathy finally whispered, gazing at us as if mesmerized by the sight of my hot pink lips sliding possessively up and down her man's cock. "It's ok."

I knew then I had won. I swear my pussy must have been dripping in the straw by then. I was so freaking horny, knowing both of them were submissive and caving in to my overt sexuality.

"Can I cum, baby?" he begged her.

Kathy looked nervously at me. I lapped noisily at the head of his cock for a few seconds before looking back at her. I smiled triumphantly. "You know the drill."

Without another word, Kathy slipped into the stall and dropped to her knees beside me. Her sweet perfume enveloped me, contrasting his sweaty male musk.

"Here. Hold your man's dick while I suck it." I grabbed her hand and forced it around the base of Craig's cock, and she meekly obeyed me. With a thrill that is indescribable, I resumed one of the most vigorous blowjobs I have ever given a guy.

I don't think it was a full thirty seconds before I felt the first hard salty squirt against my tongue. Kathy must have felt the throbs of his shaft too, and she was watching me anxiously, perhaps imagining the thick spunk dripping from the roof of my mouth.

Five or six massive jets of cum filled my mouth, and I'm proud to say I didn't spill a drop. When those big balls were finally drained, I pulled my lips off his pecker with a wet pop and turned to the girl.

I reached over, curled my hand behind her neck and yanked her towards me. Her lips parted as my mouth approached. I didn't even have to say another word, she opened wide for the sloppiest, nastiest French kiss she'd ever received. I smeared magenta lipstick all over her lips, loving her little submissive whimpers, feeding her the slimy jism I'd just sucked from her boyfriend's cheating cock.

As we kissed, Craig's cum slipping back and forth between our tangled tongues, I reached down between her legs and rubbed the seam of her jeans. I could feel the dampness through the thin denim – the bitch was halfway there already. I found the bump of her clit and massaged it hard. She gasped, and came with a slut's tongue down her throat and her boyfriend's cum running down her chin.

I'm proud to say that's not the first time I've pulled a fast trick on a couple, and ended up knocking them both for a sexy loop. Just remembering their expressions is enough to make me horny all over again.

Come to think of it, it's time to grab Mr. Dildo now and head to bed.

Sweet dreams, my horny darlings.

~Amy Blue
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