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A fun, and very nasty, true story...

My second year of college I was 19. I was assigned to share a dorm room with a girl named Allison. She was a couple years older, just a few months shy of graduation.

She was a very beautiful girl, with black hair cut in a pageboy (oriental style) and lovely green eyes. She was a dancer, on the college drill team, so she was in superb shape—slender and lovely. She had a new boyfriend every week, it seemed. So when a guy came up to visit Allison, I usually made myself scarce for a couple hours. Wasn't hard to guess what they did. The room always smelled of sex when I got back, a few times they weren't even done but just ducked under the covers giggling while I went "Whoops!" and dashed back outside until they got dressed.

Allison had these all guys dancing to her tune, but in second semester that year she fell in love. For real this time. He was a senior, gorgeous and popular. They made an awesome couple, people would just turn and gawk because they were so beautiful together.

Well, one night I was asleep and Allison came crashing in after 2 a.m. She usually was very quiet and tried not to wake me, but this time she was drunk and weeping hysterically. I sat up and turned on the light by my bed. I asked her what was wrong, still half asleep myself.

She sobbed out the story that Rick had dumped her right after the dance, in front of a bunch of their friends. He even went off with another girl right then and there. She was forced to beg for a ride back to campus, by some strange guy who kept pawing her all the way back.

I had never seen Allison this upset before, she was usually very cool about everything. I got out of bed (I was wearing babydoll pajamas, peach satin) and hugged her tight, while she sobbed and hiccupped on my shoulder. She was a couple inches taller than me, so my face was more level with her neck than her lips.

I led her to sit on the edge of my bed, and rocked and held her in my arms while she told me every awful detail of that night. I could smell the liquor on her breath, mingling with her Obsession perfume. I hated to admit it, but I was getting turned on. For the first time I had to acknowledge I had deeper feelings than friendship for this beautiful girl.

Allison nuzzled her face into my hair and I held my breath. "Amy, you think I'm pretty don’t you? If you were a guy and I was your girl, would you ever dump me?"

"Never," I whispered, because I knew I wouldn't. I also had never wished more that I WAS a guy, if only so I could prove it to her.

Allison kept stroking my hair as she calmed, like petting a cat. Every nerve was on edge with me, I wanted so badly to caress her in turn but I was afraid she might get angry.

I didn't have to worry. Allison pressed her forehead against mine and whispered, "Oh Amy, you're so sweet, so darling..." and then before I knew it, she was softly kissing my lips. Little pecked kisses.

I started to tremble with excitement. My heart was pounding. I confess I let my lips part, so her tongue could 'accidentally' touch mine. The tip of her tongue flicked mine so sensuously I felt myself go sopping wet.

Through my thin nightie, her right hand massaged my left breast. She pinched my nipple hard and I gasped. Our French kiss deepened, and Allison grew more aggressive. Her left hand still in my hair, she dragged my head back almost forcefully and started kissing and sucking on my neck. I clung to her, confused and yet so excited.

I had always sensed her dominance, in fact around the dorm she often bullied other girls, if even in a playful way. Sometimes she had ordered me to do things, like iron her clothes or fold her laundry. She did it sweetly enough I couldn't get mad, but I see now even that had made me excited. My natural submission made me an easy mark for her.

Allison pushed me back on the bed, and straddled me in her long gown. To do that she had to ruck the gown up around her waist, so she was sitting on me in just her bikini panties. I could feel the heat of her through the thin nylon. She rubbed lewdly against my leg, humping it in effect. I felt her panties dampen, almost as soaked as mine.

We continued kissing and rubbing against each other. It never occurred to me Allison might be experienced. It just seemed so natural, so right. Our kisses were delicious, they took my breath away. She sat up once to push up my babydoll nightie, and my breasts were bare. She squeezed them, pinching the hard nipples until I moaned.

"God Amy, you have awesome tits," she gasped. Mine were bigger than Allison's, though not much. I helped her push her gown up over her head and dropped it out of the way, and then I was able to touch and rub hers too. She had no tan lines, which excited me tremendously.

She grabbed my hand and shoved it down into her panties, and I felt that sweet snatch for the first time. She was soaked, her clit swollen with excitement. My middle finger stroked her, then easily slipped deep into that sopping cunt.

Before long I had two, then three fingers in her pussy. She humped my hand as she kissed me and licked and gnawed on my tits. I was shaking with such arousal. Soon she grew impatient and dragged down my panties and tossed off her own. For the first time, our mounds touched and rubbed together.

Even then I was shaving so I could wear a thong bikini, and she had a Brazilian wax. So there wasn't any hair to get in the way, as our pussies and clits rubbed together. It was so hot, I can't describe the level of heat but even now thinking of it makes me wet.

Allison ate me first, I'd never been sucked by a girl before so it was amazing indeed to find out what the boys had always done wrong. Usually I took a long time to cum, but with her fingerfucking me and sucking my clit, I orgasmed easily. Eagerly I returned the favor, and she screamed so loud I was worried the dorm mother would come to see what was wrong.

Even then I don't think Allison would have stopped fucking me. We were both too aroused.

After that night, we slept together in just one bed. It was only a twin but somehow we made it work. We had sex almost every night, and then she started bringing guys to join us, which was a trip in itself. But that's another story, for another night.

Sweet dreams.
~Amy Blue
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