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Threesome Tango

It's time to wax philosophical.

I think I'll address my respective kinks as they surface, one by one. They are too delicious to be lumped (or humped!) into one rushed posting.

I love all my sweet perversions, but I play definite favorites.

Chief among my passions is threesomes. I know I'm not alone in this craving. I'm speaking of MFF (or FMF) threesomes here, depending if the lucky guy gets to be sandwiched;)

There seems to me something intrinsically natural about threesomes. It's more an instinct, but it feels right somehow. When I view movies with threesome sex scenes, or participate in one, I get so turned on I am almost constantly cumming. Not that I'm complaining.

I think many women feel this way but are embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. They are scared to admit they crave kissing and touching another woman, while also having their primary male partner there. Ladies, most guys have this fantasy too, whether they admit it or not. It's probably the top straight male fantasy. You're probably both thinking the same thing and mutually afraid to discuss it outloud, for fear of losing one another.

All I can say to reassure the ladies is that most guys are delighted to find out their girlfriends or wives have bi-desires. Just the naughty talk alone will give you weeks of hot sex, if you can loosen up enough to whisper in his ear about how much you want to eat a wet pussy while he watches.

I had a boyfriend once who started off in our relationship telling me that bisexuals of either gender were disgusting, etc. But by the time we got around to talking openly, he was as turned on as me by the fact I did girls. It was lurking there just under the surface, and a few fantastic blowjobs and nasty shared fantasy episodes brought it out of the closet. (Tip for the gals here: when you're sucking him off, pause now and then and "play act" that there are two girls doing him - if he's been reluctant about the idea before, he won't be by the time he blows his load!)

When my boyfriend realized that not just me would benefit from a second pussy in the flesh pile, he really got enthused. We started looking for girls together, which is an incredibly hot thing to do as a couple. His "first time" was scary, he admits, because he wasn't sure he was up to the task of eating a pussy and fucking one at the same time (fear of premature ejaculation from over-excitement!) He performed like a trooper though, and once the ice was broken we were comfortable with a third as long as it was a woman.

Like most guys though, he had homophobia bordering on neurosis and refused to entertain the idea of another man in the threesome. That's ok with me, I prefer the third be a girl, too.

But I think most couples are searching for the 20 year-old, hot blonde oversexed bi female of legend, and while she doesn't exist, there are plenty of attractive women who are willing or even eager to consider threesomes, but they never get approached because they are over 30, a few pounds overweight, or brunette, yadda yadda...

People, let's set some realistic standards here. Some incredibly hot women are not necessarily Playmate material. Just as you probably aren't yourself. Some of the hottest fucks I've had have been with "plain" people, or those others might consider ordinary. Their loss! I laughed all the way through my multiple orgasms:)

Now for the guys...what if you are fairly sure your girl is bi-curious, but you're afraid she's going to rip your head off from jealousy if you suggest a threesome? Here's a good safe "testing" ground. Rent a few pornos which have at least a couple MFF threesome scenes in them. I'm assuming she's at least open enough to watching porn with her honey...if not, you've got a whole other problem to tackle.

Anyway, like most couples you probably play a bit sexually while watching the porn. Observe her carefully during the MFF threesome scenes. Shallow or rapid breathing, increased pulse, flushed skin all indicate sexual arousal. The best test, however, is the tried-and-true finger method.

While one of the delicious threesome scenes is playing, slip a finger or two into her pussy and test her wetness factor. If she's nice and juicy, or especially if she gushes during these scenes, you'll know they are a turn-on to her. If she loves finger-fucking as much as I do, make it a "reward" that she gets a brisk finger-fucking during these scenes. Ease off during other scenes. Whenever the threesome scenes occur, turn up the heat again. Pay special attention to her clit, either rubbing or sucking it. Mimic the actors on the screen, either the male or female roles. It might be hottest of all to go down on her at the same time a girl in the movie eats another pussy, so that a sex-positive association is made. If at all possible, make your girl climax during the threesome scenes.

She probably won't notice anything consciously, but you are "programming" her to associate the threesome with sexual pleasure. Since most women aren't as visual as men when it comes to porn, it will help if you add an auditory dimension. Whisper in her ear some casual observations during the movie..."Mmm, that looks fun," or "Those girls look like they are having a good time."

Whatever you do, don't make it all about the guy (i.e. you) getting his rocks off. The best movie would alternate threesome scenes with girl/girl scenes, but I've never seen any that perfect:)

I have an idea for a related entry, so I will pause here for comment and/or a much-needed orgasm.

Until anon,
Amy Blue
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