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Amy Blue Learns to Give A Blowjob

This delicious story is dedicated to my sexy ex-boyfriend, by way of thanks for the three luscious helpings of his nectar that he gave me today. Love you, darling:)

I had given a couple awkward licks to high school boyfriends, but I wouldn't call them proper blow jobs. To be fair though, they weren't any better at eating pussy! Proper oral pleasuring is something that only comes with practice, and in my opinion a "real" blow job means the guy cums, and the girl swallows. I hate those porns where they fake the cum shot, or he aims way off to one side, or she closes her lips and only pretends. I get really excited when her mouth is wide open, and the camera is close enough to catch each squirt as it lands on her tongue, and she licks and swallows and gobbles it all up. I feel very submissive when I suck cock, and when he cums it's all about his pleasure, total selfishness on his part - and I love that!

I didn't give a "real" blow job until Allison entered my life. Seems she's to blame for a lot of my warped nature. Like I mentioned before, she started bringing guys in to join us. The first time she did it, I was upset. Gary was a new boyfriend of hers and I was kind of jealous (I suppose I was a little bit in love with her.) Even by then she had begun to exercise real dominance over me, to the extent that when she told me to flash my tits at guys in the supermarket or on the street, I'd do it without question. So when she told me I was going to fuck her new boyfriend, I didn't really argue.

She arranged it for a Friday night, late in our dorm room. We weren't allowed to have guys in the dorms after 9 p.m. so we had to sneak him in. Gary was an athlete and had just finished up at an event, so he was already out of breath before he even saw the main act.

Allison teased him in front of me, doing a slow striptease and fondling herself. When she nodded at me, I joined her in this sexy little dance (Prince's "Erotic City" was on the radio) and eventually I took off my clothes too. Gary just sat on the bed staring at us like he'd gone to heaven.

He was getting off on the two girl thing, of course. He watched us French-kissing and sucking each other's tits, and he was so horny he nearly couldn't control himself, he almost came in his sweatpants. Allison was a real cock tease, she went and rubbed herself on his leg, she made him lick the fingers she'd had in my pussy. I could see his cock sticking straight up in his sweatpants.

Finally Allison had mercy and pushed down his elastic waistband and out sprang his cock. It was pretty good-sized, maybe 6-7 inches and very thick.

"We'll never get a decent fuck out of him like this," she said, feeling how his cock was all slimy with pre-cum. "He won't last 5 seconds in a hot pussy."

He was begging her almost pathetically, finally Allison sighed and said, "Amy, suck him off first and then when he recovers later maybe he'll be worth fucking. I want more than a 10-second ride. This isn't the rodeo, you know."

I looked at her in shock, although of course I knew what she meant I couldn't believe she was ordering me to give a blowjob to her boyfriend! She saw my stunned look and said with a touch of withering sarcasm, "You DO know how to suck cock, don't you?"

"Of course," I said, but I didn't move.

"Oh for god's sake, do I have to teach you everything!" Allison said with exasperation. She was sitting on his knee playing with his cock, and she reached out and yanked me down to my knees in front of him.

I was staring at this huge cock, and Allison didn't help matters by slapping my cheek with it. She was almost mocking me. As for Gary, his eyes were closed and he seemed to be gritting his teeth to keep from bursting in her hand.

"It helps if you open your mouth," Allison said sarcastically. I didn't want to but I did, and her hand guided her boyfriend's cock between my lips.

"Now suck it like you do my nipples, swirl your tongue all around, up and down," she said. I was really nervous but I closed my lips around Gary's cock, and sort of bobbed my head up and down. He was all sweaty from his work-out, and the male musk smell of him was almost overpowering.

"That's pathetic," Allison said. She climbed down from his lap, knelt beside me on the carpet and said, "Watch."

So I watched as she literally made love to his dick with her beautiful mouth, even brushing her silky hair against the shaft, nursed on that hard cock like a baby on a bottle. Gary was moaning and gripping the covers on the bed, so tightly his fists were white.

Allison slipped his saliva-soaked cock from her mouth to mine. "Now you try."

Imitating her technique, I went down on her boyfriend. (Didn't hurt that Allison fingered my pussy while I sucked his cock, probably creating that pleasant association forevermore!)

I admit I was scared and kind of apprehensive about the whole cum issue. I hoped Allison would be satisfied with him jerking off on my face. But as usual she had other plans.

When it was obvious Gary was on the verge of cumming, Allison whispered in my ear, "Open wide, Amy. Yum-yums for you!" She pinched my clit just as Gary bucked and his cock burst in my mouth, blasting cum down my throat and even up my nose. I coughed and gagged, while Allison laughed at me. Cum was dripping from my mouth (it was obviously built up, because there was a lot of it!) but at the same time I was incredibly horny and Allison knew it.

"Don't you dare spit it out," she ordered me. Gary could have cared less I'm sure, he'd fallen back on the bed as if comatose. Meekly I swallowed the thick slimy load. Allison watched to make sure I'd really swallowed. Then she smiled.

"Good girl," she said cheerfully, and kiss my cum-soaked lips. I moaned as her fingers slipped deep into my pussy, and she let me cum riding her hand. A reward I think for a stellar performance.

It took me awhile to get the hang of giving blow jobs, but Allison made sure I had plenty of practice. Sometimes we did it in tandem, which the guys always loved. I'm sure it's a real turn-on to see two beautiful girls slobbering over your cock together.

I bet Gary still tells stories of his glory days at college to the boys at work.

Sweet Dreams
~Amy Blue

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